Camera Package

Sony A7sII

  • 8x FW-50 Batteries

  • Smallrig Cage/Handles/15mm rods

  • 1x 128GB SD, 3x 64GB SD

  • 3x 95Wh Gold Mount Batteries

  • Gold Mount Battery Plate for 15mm

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

  • 3x Batteries

  • ND/CPL


Canon FD 28mm f2.8

Canon FD 35mm f2.0

Canon FD 50mm f1.4

Canon FD 85mm f1.8

Canon FD 135mm f2.8

Laowa 15mm f2

Canon 24-70mm f2.8 II

Helios 44-2 58mm f2

Tiffen 77mm VND

Simmod 82mm VND

Tiffen 77mm Black ProMist (1/8, 1/4)

Tiffen 77mm Polarizer


Shoot35 Cinefocus V2 Follow Focus

Tilta Nucleus M Wireless Follow Focus

  • Hand Unit

  • Motors (2x)

  • Handgrips (2x)

  • Gimbal Ring Adapters (30mm/25mm)

  • Gimbal Handlebar Adapters (30mm/25mm)

  • Handle to Rosette Adapters

  • Marking Disks (4x)

  • Sony Alpha R/S cable

  • Batteries (12x)

  • Hard Case



Freefly Movi M15 Package

  • Movi M15 Gimbal (15lb payload)

  • Cinemilled Baseplate + Counterweights

  • Spekrum DX7s Remote

  • 8x Lipo Batteries

  • V-Mount Battery Plate 25mm

  • Movi Ring with Feet

  • Hard case

ReadyRig GS Pro

  • Pro Arms

  • Carrying bag

Easyrig Minimax

Manfrotto 536 Video Tripod w/ 504 Head

Manfrotto Video Monopod

Cinevate Duzi V4 Slider


Vaxis Storm 500+ Wireless Video System 1:1

SmallHD 703 Monitor

Director Monitor Cage

SmallHD 503 Monitor

SmallHD 701 Lite Monitor

Teradek Vidiu Live Stream


  • Aputure 120D w/ Light Dome & Spacelight

  • Astera Titan RGB Tube (2x)

  • Arri 650w Fresnel w/ Scrims

  • Lowel Pro Light 250w

  • Matthews 6’x6’ Silk

  • Wescott 9’x10’ Gray Backdrop

  • 5 in 1 Reflectors (2x)

  • Avenger Cstand (2x)

  • Kupo Baby Stands (3x)

  • Matthews 2’x3’ Open Scrim

  • Matthews 2’x3’ Flag

  • Sandbags (4x)

  • Manfrotto Mafer Clamp (1x)

  • Lee Gels Packs

  • Blackwrap

  • RocknRoller R6G Cart


  • Zoom H5 Recorder

  • Rode NTG2 Shotgun

  • Rode Wireless Lav

  • Rode VMPR Shotgun

  • Zoom H1 w/ Smartlav

  • Dry Erase Slate

  • Rode Boompole w/ Shockmount

  • Boom Holder

  • Rode WS6 Windshield

  • Assorted Audio Cables


Vmount to Gold Mount Adapter (Use Vmount Battery)

Motorola CP200 Radios

  • Earpieces (2x)

  • Batteries (6x)